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Trackers deck

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1Trackers deck Empty Trackers deck le Mer 17 Aoû - 18:51


Crapule Sympatique
Crapule Sympatique
Sorry I speak english and I play the english game.

My deck mostly consists of the original tracker deck, but with added incentive to make it pretty powerful.

Malyss lvl3, Tsuro lvl3, Shui Khan lvl3

Close shave, armed and ready, art of the iron fist X3, assassination, fallback, fireball, healing balm, in the nick of time, katamaru X2, life devourer,Shurikan, substitution, that's an oder, trackers emblem X2, trackers mask X2

It's quite effiective against mages, any low level deck, the only time I seem to have problems with is agaisnt players that use alot of defense, healing or direct damage.

because the characters don't have very much defense, it focus' on suing items, and if I don't get the items at the right time, I'm done for

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